Day One

We brought Ferris home today! He was one of a litter of five (all black), and the others were Fia, Foxy, Fletcher and Frankie. Louise, who is in charge of puppies at GDA, told me that Fletcher is the “least attentive” of the litter and we may need to use more treats to get him motivated! Also that he loves water, which he proved by attempting to swim with at least two paws in his water bowl whenever possible.

The short car ride home went smoothly. The introduction between Ferris and Archie was also successful (we used a baby gate in the kitchen to separate them).

I wish potty training were going as well. GDA wants their dogs to always be on a leash when they relieve themselves. I think Ferris has already had five pee accidents in the house. But he has gone outside four times as well! He pees A LOT more than Archie did as a puppy.

So he will be sleeping in the crate next to our bed tonight. Hoping there’s not too much crying or waking up. I’ll let you know tomorrow!



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