Goals for Week One

Since I know my reading and writing time will be hampered next week by our PUPPY (!), I thought I’d study the GDA Workbook. The skills we are supposed to focus on for week one include crate training, learning “sit,” housetraining, and Ferris learning his name. Since these are all skills we successfully taught Archie (our three-year-old pet Lab), I am feeling (foolishly?) confident about these.

One aspect we need to focus on, though, is not using treats every single time. Archie is extremely food driven, and definitely looks for a treat every time he performs. With a Guide Dog puppy, it’s important that they don’t come to expect a food reward, so we need to use them more sparingly and randomly.

I am bracing myself for the first few nights. The puppy is required to sleep in a crate next to our bed. I am hoping he doesn’t cry all night, but sometimes that’s what happens. I’ll let you know!


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